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The green from Pistachio nuts is amazing. I tried to dye these meringues orange and they still turned green! I then managed to make some meringues a purple shade, but only by throwing in a lot of pink food dye!

If like me you have never been a major meringue fan, this recipe might just help in removing your prejudice. The saltiness of the pistachios and the bitterness of the dark chocolate to help complement the sweetness, balancing what is usually a mini sugar ball. But don’t worry -they are still a major sugar hit; and they taste fantastic. 😛

Pistachio and Chocolate Meringues

1. Whisk 5 large egg whites with a fast electric/cake mixer. When they start to froth very slowly add 250g of caster sugar, one spoon at a time. If you don’t do this slow enough the meringue won’t form! You might need to mix the meringue for a while, it should be frothy, with stiff peaks.

2. Fold 40g of chopped dark chocolate and 50g of pistachio into the the meringue. If you want your meringues to be green, stir the mixture a bit more. For other colours add food dye.

3. Dollop the meringue on two large baking trays lined with good quality baking paper (I just used average baking paper and ended up with paper on the bottom of some meringues.) Sprinkle some pistachio or sprinkles on top and bake at 110 degrees for 2 hours, switching the trays after one hour.



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