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I went out for Breakfast with Hodgey a few weeks back and we bought some Bircher Muesli at a cafe in Glebe. I’d never had the stuff before, but it was great so I went home and discovered how easy it is to make. My mum loves it, I’ve made it for her a few times 🙂  .  You can buy special “bircher” muesli from the supermarket, but as far as I can tell its just normal rolled oats. Serves One.

1. Soak half a cup of rolled oats in half a cup of apple juice over night.

2. Drain the juice, place oats in a bowl and mix in 1/4 of a Granny Smith (grated, including skin).

3. Top with 1 tablespoon of natural or vanilla yogurt, 3 sliced almonds, 1/4 of  granny smith sliced and if available, some red berries. YUM! (you could also add some honey, banana, coconut, cinnamon, seeds, mixed muesli etc if you prefer.)


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